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Root to Rise Pilates Team

Jen Martin

Jen Martin, owner of Root to Rise Pilates, began her journey after graduating with a BS in Exercise Science, balancing a corporate career with teaching fitness classes. Introduced to Pilates in 2002, she completed The Physical Mind Institute Pilates mat training and expanded her expertise with equipment training, teaching classes ever since. In 2020, she opened a small home studio, and by 2022, she wholeheartedly embraced her passion, leaving behind her corporate career to establish her own brick & mortar studio.


Anne Gobron

As a certified Peak Pilates instructor with 15 years of experience, Anne Gobron found relief from her 20-year back pain battle through Pilates during her time in the UK. Transitioning from a corporate career back to her passion for health and movement, Anne is eager to share Pilates' transformative benefits, drawing from her background in competitive sports and coaching. She looks forward to helping others discover the energy and fitness Pilates can bring to their lives.

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