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Pricing/ Classes

Root to Rise PILATES Offers Private Appointments & a Variety of Classes

Our Group Reformer Classes have up to 3 students at one time. We do this to assist you with proper form and give you personalized attention. Our private appointments and group classes are as follows:


Drop-In Class............................................$45
New Client Package.................................$180

Package of 5 Classes................................$215
Package of 10 Classes..............................$405
Monthly Memberships..............................3 options based on # visits/month. monthly auto-renewal/3 month minimum 

- More Pricing Options Available -

  *Wear grip socks, available for purchase in the studio.

All classes are 50 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Reformer Class Descriptions

Private Training Session

30 or 55 minutes

Private sessions are a one-on-one experience that allow your instructor to design a program around your unique needs. An individualized session is the most effective way to focus on your strength, flexibility, and balance. Using the Pilates apparatus, adding props and offer modifications, these sessions will promote proper biomechanics & movement patterns for your body. You will experience how the springs on all the Pilates apparatus will accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, and improving body alignment. Pilates apparatus includes the reformer, tower, chair, ladder barrel, spine corrector and mat. These workouts are ideal for customized programming to reach specific training goals and also if you are returning from injury and seeking rehabilitation.

Duet Training Session

55 minutes

Duet Pilates (2-person session) is so much fun and a great way to stay committed to a regular workout schedule because your friend will be counting on you! Reap the benefits of private apparatus Pilates classes with the motivation that comes from training with an exercise partner at a reduced cost. Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule every week and have similar physical abilities/goals.We utilize Pilates Reformer and Tower, add props and offer modifications to promote proper biomechanics/movement patterns for your body during training sessions. Duet sessions are 55 minutes. 

Virtual Training Session

30 minutes

Virtual private sessions provide 100% focus on your specific needs, goals and pace. We utilize Pilates Mat repertoire & fundamentals, adding use of props such as a band, small weights, foam roller and/or bosu if available to you. Instructor will offer modifications to promote proper biomechanics/movement patterns for your body during training sessions. These virtual workouts are ideal if you are unable to attend in-person training sessions.

Beginner-Essentials Class

Level 1

Begin your journey to build core strength, stability and heightened mind-body awareness! This class is ideal for those who have learned introductory concepts through private sessions or an introductory Pilates series such as our New Client Package, have limitations they are working through or are just getting back into the studio after a long hiatus. We provide specific guidance on using the Pilates Reformer equipment, focus on the fundamentals and essential exercises of Pilates, allow ample time for transitions and coach you to safely progress toward your fitness goals.


Not sure if this class is for you?
Are you becoming:

  • Aware of breath and beginning to naturally coordinate breath with movement.

  • Able to maintain a stable pelvic position during open chain, closed chain, or semi-closed chain exercises.

  • Able to control the equipment with your body—for instance, closing the reformer carriage quietly without “banging,” changing springs and putting feet or hands in reformer straps efficiently and safely.

  • Able to stabilize shoulders/scapulae during upper body movement.

Intermediate Class

Level 3

This challenging class flows through traditional Pilates exercises at a fast pace, focusing on precision in movement, and providing a balanced workout that builds endurance, enhances flexibility and strengthens the whole body with emphasis on the core. This class is suitable for those with a strong foundation in Essential-Intermediate classes. We will challenge all individuals choosing appropriate variations, increasing the difficulty level for some while simplifying for others. Class will leave you feeling strong, stretched and connected! 

Not sure if this is the right level?
Can you:

  • Incorporate rhythm and dynamic movement and flow through transitions.

  • Navigate safely with fewer points of contact (e.g. sometimes kneeling on the reformer instead of sitting).

  • Apply increasing range of motion, learning inversions, and learning more complex rotational and side-bending exercises.

  • Clients have a working knowledge of fundamental exercise names (and order, if practicing the classical order), choreography, equipment set-up, personal modifications, and transitions to flow through the workout with minimal interruption.

Essential-Intermediate Class

Level 2

A medium-to-high intensity class perfect for those transitioning from Fundamentals-Beginner classes. Exercises seek to activate the muscles and mobilize the joints. Improve technique and proper breathing while mastering flowing sequences designed to increase total body strength and control. While Root to Rise Pilates teachers are committed to keeping clients safe when exercises don’t fit, it’s important for clients at this level and beyond to know their bodies and how to adjust for themselves.

This class could be for you if you: 

  • Know/recognize most of the fundamental Pilates exercises by name and are familiar with their corresponding equipment setups.

  • Have built up breath capacity and stamina to work at a quicker pace with less need for cueing from the teacher.

  • Are moving in flexion and extension exercises, as well as fundamental side-bending and rotation exercises.

  • Know how to modify exercises for their own bodies, if needed. ​

Intermediate-Advanced Class

Level 4

This challenging workout will enhance your endurance, strength and stamina, including some advanced exercises that emphasize coordination and balance. A non-stop high-intensity class designed to keep your body in motion with minimal rest between sets, challenging multiple muscle groups at the same time. This class is geared towards healthy, fit individuals who have taken many Reformer classes, feel like they are fluid with transitions and want to work harder.  

Not sure if this class is for you?
Can you:

  • Flow through a workout with control and efficiency.

  • Adjust quickly to variations or additions as cued by teacher.

  • Retain balance while on an unstable surface without spotting while moving/changing directions: this includes rotation, lateral flexion, and extension.

  • Activate muscles on cue with minimal compensations and find nuanced adjustments in exercises.​

Yoga on the Reformer

Vinayasa experience a plus

This next-level class combines spring-driven resistance of the Pilates reformer with Vinyasa inspired yoga postures. Experience the reformer as a moving yoga mat as you flow through your poses with increased stability challenges. Pilates exercises and yoga postures develop healthy breathing, flexibility and concentration, and also provide a mental focus and release that is challenging yet rejuvenating. Get a strong workout with lots of great, detoxifying twists and rotations and finish feeling long, open, and grounded.



Recovery Stretch Class

All Levels

This stretch and mobility class on the Reformer brings you deeper into some great stretches that focus on lengthening and resetting those tight, fatigued muscles. Release and open your hips, back, shoulders (and everything else!) as we flow with basic exercises like Bridging, Frogs, and more. Lots of cuing is provided so that you are able to connect breath to movement and dig deep into those muscles while identifying imbalances and holding a strong core connection. Complete this session feeling refreshed and more open with your restored flexibility.

To provide an effective workout and for your safety, we keep our Pilates classes very small and divide them into levels. We encourage clients to speak openly with their Pilates Instructors if they’re interested in trying a different class level. When you feel as though you have mastered the Beginner-Essential repertoire, perhaps moving to Essential-Intermediate Class would be a fun challenge. Registering for an Intermediate-Advanced Class will require instructor approval beforehand as the flow is much faster and exercises are elevated.

Interval Training Class

Core, Strength & Cardio

You can expect calorie-burning, heart-pumping low-impact cardio moves, sweat and a killer ab workout in this class with the jump board accessory attached to the foot of the Reformer. This flow is still true to Pilates and provides a full body workout starting with core strength. Athletes like basketball and volleyball players benefit from the plyometrics, building speed and power in the quadriceps. Runners gain stability. Osteoporosis clients benefit from bone building. The non-gravitational, low-impact nature of jumping in the supine position places less stress on the joints and is excellent for rehabilitating ankle and knee issues. Jump on heavier springs to feel the burn of muscle fatigue and lighter springs to feel your deep stabilizing muscles in action. And let’s not forget about the tootsies! This class is great for improving foot health as it works on mobility, stability and effective shock absorption – which helps minimize the risk of any future injuries. Let's get energized and leave class with a glow!!-


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