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Root to Rise PILATES

A boutique studio nestled in the heart of downtown Southborough, MA

What We Offer

You can sign up for private and small group training sessions (three client max). Our instructors teach a combination of contemporary and classical pilates and love sharing their in-depth knowledge in our peaceful studio space. Our small, intimate classes give you the attention necessary to flow through your classes safely and effectively.

Our Philosophy

We believe every body is different on every day and therefore teach with an open mind. Our style of teaching blends classical and contemporary Pilates to provide a well-balanced, effective workout combining creativity with the fundamental principles and teachings of Joseph Pilates. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and best practices in a way that inspires others to love and care for themselves, deepen their appreciation for the mind-breath-body connection, and live a happy, healthy life.

Things You Should Know

How to Sign Up

You can sign up and pay for classes online. If you have questions call/text Jen at 508-395-3777.


Please bring a water bottle to class. It is important to stay hydrated during your sessions.

Class Length

Group classes are 50 minutes. Private appointments are 30 or 55 minutes. Check out our variety of classes.


Pilates is done in grip socks! They keep your feet from slipping, absorb sweat and prevent your feet from getting cold. If you don't have any, you can purchase some at our studio.

Where To Park

We are located at 3 East Main Street, Southborough, MA. There is parking at the studio, on both sides of the building.

Gift Certificates

You can't go wrong with a gift certificate. Choose an amount and
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Why People Love Pilates

Pilates is great for everyone and provides amazing benefits. You will:

  • Build muscle and core strength  

  • Improve posture

  • Increase flexibility and mobility 

  • Improve balance

  • Rehab and prevent injuries

  • Improve your overall health

Root To Rise PILATES
is always looking for talented instructors. To learn about becoming a certified Pilates instructor or joining our team, email


Reformer Class Schedule


6:30am   L2 Essential-Intermediate

9:30am   L3 Intermediate      

10:30am  L3 Intermediate 


5:30pm   L1 Beginner-Essential

6:30pm   L2 Essential-Intermediate 


9:00am   L3 Intermediate

12:00pm  L1 Beginner-Essential


5:00pm   L1 Beginner-Essential

6:00pm   L2 Essential-Intermediate


Classes - TBD


8:00am   L3 Intermediate

9:00am   L2 Essential-Intermediate 

11:00am   L3 Intermediate

12:00pm  L1 Beginner-Essential

5:00pm   L1 Beginner-Essential 

6:00pm   L2 Essential-Intermediate 


7:30am   L2 Essential-Intermediate

8:30am   L2 Essential-Intermediate

9:30am   L3 Intermediate

10:30am  L1 Beginner-Essential


8:30am   L4 Intermediate-Advanced

9:30am   L3 Intermediate 

10:30am  L2 Essential-Intermediate

4:00pm   Teen Reformer Class

4:30pm   L2 Essential-Intermediate

6:00pm   Stretch Class, all levels


8:00am   L2 Essential-Intermediate

9:00am   L1 Beginner-Essential

First Class is 50% Off

Root to Rise wants you to join us for your first class at half off! Book your first class at half off by entering the code NEW at checkout.

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The Pilates Method

Joseph Pilates based his precise exercise regime called Contrology on his experience as a gymnast, boxer, yogi and eccentric holistic healer. His Pilates moves first gained US recognition as he successfully rehabilitated injured ballerinas in the early-mid 1900s utilizing spring-loaded equipment he designed and created himself. Soon he acquired a large following in NY to fill his studio on 8th Avenue.


The Pilates Method requires you to engage your whole body with primary focus on the breath and abdominal core. This Method takes lots of concentration and mindfulness- you can’t simply go through the motions while daydreaming. The Pilates Method is never completely mastered as the moment you gain comfort in one exercise, Pilates offers another movement slightly different and slightly more challenging.

The popularity of the Pilates Method has spread steadily since the day when Pilates first opened his studio in the 1920's. Pilates has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 12 million people practicing, and the numbers continue to grow due to its effectiveness and adaptability.

"I invented all these machines... it resists your movements in just the right way so those inner muscles really have to work against it. That way you can concentrate on movement. You must always do it slowly and smoothly. Then your whole body is in it." - Joseph Pilates


Jennifer is terrific and pays particular attention to what I can and cannot do on the reformer. She customizes my workout so I get what is needed without compromising my new hip and new knee. I really enjoy the attention to detail and her willingness to go the extra mile!

- Tom Bartholomew

Jen is a delightful, very knowledgeable trainer. I have been working with her for at least 10 years. I have confidence in her ability to challenge me without pushing too hard. As an older woman, I have greatly benefited from her expertise and I highly recommend her reformer classes and new studio!

- Sue Roberts

I have been working on the reformer with Jen for 2 years. She does a great job of explaining the form of each exercise, and is able to correct any misalignment so that I always get the optimal benefit of each exercise. Every class is different - she comes with a prepared set of exercises for every session - so that I never get bored.

- Susan Rossick

I have been training with Jen since she opened her pilates studio . I have seen huge changes in my body tone as well as my flexibility and strength. Jen is an expert in pilates reformer work. She continues to challenge me with every training session..... something I look forward to each week. Her studio is very private and she takes every opportunity to keep it sanitary and well ventilated. I look forward to each training session with a smile :)

- Sharon Gallant

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